When creating plugins, such as my old Shader Forge, or now, Shapes, you generally want it to look and feel native, as well as being user-friendly. Unity has a ton of useful ways of creating and running in-editor scripts purely as a matter of practicality, but, sometimes, going that last 20% of polish expected of self-contained plugins turns out to be more difficult than you want it to be

Here are two (2) features I was missing from Unity that seem deceptively simple, that cascaded into a plethora of secondary issues that contributed heavily to the quality of Shapes, as…

Cubic Bézier with intermediate points & lines

Bézier curves are, to me, one of the best examples of mathematical beauty. It’s fascinating what such a simple function on some points can achieve. Below is a step-by-step visualization of how a cubic Bézier curve can be constructed using simple rules on points and lines. Note each point’s position along its own line

I have a few rules when posting things online, at least two of which I am now breaking with this post. First, I apologize for not posting about my usual game development stuff! Second, the fact that I feel the need to apologize is why I’m writing this post.

I’ve built up a fear of sharing - a fear of being irrelevant. I’m trying to figure out a way to break out of it.

It wasn’t always like this. I remember I posted without hesitation years ago, about whatever subject I felt was interesting to talk about. If I worked…

We’ve gotten a lot of questions on why and how we came up with the design of our locomotion system in Budget Cuts — here’s the definitive guide!

Early on, we knew that that we didn’t want it to cause any sort of motion sickness. Motion sickness could be an entire post of its own, but, long story short — we can’t accelerate the player in the game, unless they also feel that acceleration in reality.

This means we’re going to need to move the player in some way that does not involve continuous motion with acceleration. How bad is…

Lately I’ve been playing quite a bit of Overwatch in my spare time. As a fan of both Overwatch and Magic: The Gathering, I thought I’d combine the two by designing some Overwatch cards. Artists are credited at the bottom left of each card for their awesome artwork! Most of it came from DeviantArt, in case you want to find them!

Special thanks to all the artists who have created all the nice art out there, as well as Blizzard Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast for their games!


Freya Holmér

Creator of Shapes & Shader Forge. Ex-co-founder of @NeatCorp, creators of Budget Cuts 1 & 2. Game dev generalist & educator, streaming at twitch.tv/acegikmo

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